September 17, 2010

Friend Friday

Got the idea for Friend Friday when I visited Jane's blog: Sweet Basil Kitchen.   Today, she shared a wonderful God-thing story about her son and daughter-in-law.  Another Friday she featured her Mom.  When you visit, take a peek at her yummy recipes.  Especially the Lemon Ricotta Cookies with Lemon Glaze. 
This summer I've been praying that God would get my mind off of me.  I was burdened with cares.  I prayed that He would send me some new friends.
Notice I didn't ask for the "want-to" to pick up the phone and reach out to old friends. 
Nor did I ask to that He give me a heart to seek new friends.
I figure I'm a hard case, 'cuz I likes my "me" time.  Not that anything or person is too hard for God.  But as far as I'm concerned, boy howdy, He has His work cut out for Him.

A year ago, God planted the idea of starting this blog.  He wanted me to share my stories of His grace to me.  He even told me what to call it. 
Did I do it?  No. 
6 weeks ago, He spoke to my heart about it again.  Told me that someone still needed to hear about Jesus, our Savior.  That my posts could be someone's lifeline to eternal life with Him.  That I shouldn't compare my blog to others or worry if people don't leave comments or elect to "follow" me. 

Now comes the Friend part.  God has graciously given me the time and the want-to to seek out other Christian bloggers.  Reading posts about their faith and families builds me up.  Lifts my head.  Gives me eyes to see my
ever-faithful Provider, my Fortress and Strength, my Protector.

Here are some blog friends to whom God has led me:
Jane (above),
and Jennifer at
There's  Sarah Mae at
and Heather at
Then there are these fine sites for which I could not find the authors' names:,
and these, which are support communities-

And these are just a few of the millions of bloggers out there. 
I know I won't ever "meet" most of them.

If you're thinking, "They aren't friends that you can cry with or go to coffee with.  Get a life!  You need to get some real friends."

You're right.  But...
here is the really good news, on this, my first Friend Friday:

  I'm starting to reach out to friends, old and new, by being a better friend.   
Trying to listen better.  Asking them about themselves.  Taking a sincere interest in their lives.  Initiating. 

That last one is the most challenging for me.  But each time I do it, the Lord  sends encouragement my way whether the friend responds as I'd hoped or not.
All of a sudden, I realize I meant to call my new friend, A, this morning, to invite her to join a Bible study with me.  But I let I myself get side-tracked.
So I'm going to do it right now.

God bless you with His grace today.
Love, Karen  


Jen Newsham said...

Thanks for the link!!

Jane @ Sweet Basil Kitchen said...

What a lovely post. Your testimony is a blessing.

Anonymous said...

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