September 22, 2010

You were worth it!

This morning I read about the Pioneer Woman crying her eyes out as she contemplated her son's 8th birthday.   When Daddy and I looked at the pictures of his 8 years, we got choked up thinking of the 3 of you as children.  

Maybe you're thinking,  
Why?  Those years are long gone.

You're right.  And they were years full of hard work,
sleepless nights,
and tremendous responsibility.
Day in and day out, we poured our lives out for you,
sacrificed whatever was necessary,
gave you our all. 


We, the 2 human beings who...

 excitedly anticipated each of your births,
fed you whenever you were hungry,
diapered you with caring hands every time you needed it,
bathed your little bodies every day,
clothed you,
sang to you,
laughed with you,
read to you,
tucked you in at night,
faced the world each day to protect and support you,
prayed with and for you and your future spouses,
taught you to swing, ride a bike, love kittens, and throw a ball,
took you to your activities,
arranged birthday parties and family events,
witnessed your graduations from high school and college,
watched as you married wonderful, God-fearing spouses and
set out to find God's path for your lives...

we want you to know that remembering those days with you will
give us the biggest thrill we could ever hope for
this side of heaven. 

The funny thing is,
when we "decided" to have a family,
we were naive about what, exactly, we would face as parents.
And we certainly had no clue how God planned to bless us
by giving us the 3 of you.

We didn't "plan" each of you,
but God did.

Oh, the loving grace of God!

May God bless and keep you forever in His everlasting arms.
Love, Mom and Dad
aka, B&K4ever 


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. My girls are 3 and 10 and I never want it to end. I love every day, even the trying ones :-)

Karen said...

Erika, you will see the fruit of the days spent with your little girls-even the trying ones. Thanks for your visit and comment. blessings on your day!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful post! Don't have kids yet, but it seems there's a lot to look forward to :)

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