December 5, 2010

This is who I am

You know some things about me from my profile, from my past posts, 
but now it's time to get down to the real nitty-gritty of who I am.
At the very core of my being.


I think they call that a literary "hook."
But don't quote me on that.

Hey, I'm just gettin' warmed up here.

So here's the skinny on the gal behind all the glamorous life-style shots
with which I've sucked you into my sphere of influence.
[Don't get me wrong-I love blogs with glamorous life-style posts & photos!]

I mean, who starts out Mondays singing  
"My Favorite Things"?!
Me, that's who.

And because it's Meet Me On Monday,
I'm going to let you into my little world
and share some of the things that make my life good.

The rules for this blog hop include answering 5 questions about myself.
Without further ado:
1.  What is your favorite kind of cheese?
If I had to live on a deserted island,
i.e. with no Nordstrom, Target, or Starbuck's,
and could only take 1 kind of cheese,
it would be Brie.
But I would also need fresh French bread to go with it.
Some prosciutto would be nice, too.
2. What size is your bed ?
My Dear Husband and I sleep on a queen-sized bed.
I don't even have a picture of our bedroom, 
but I found this one of our B&K's B&B room.
Our kids call it that because the bed is so cushy,  
the sheets are starched and ironed,  
and it has hand-embroidered pillowcases (from my favorite thrift store).
I bought the mini-chandelier at Fred Meyer/Kroger on clearance, 
took it apart, and spray-painted
it burnished gold.
The watercolor paintings were painted by our middle daughter in college.
3.  Green grapes or purple?
Cold, crispy RED!
The truth is, I prefers me a 
vaso de vino*
now and then
rather than grapes.
4.  What is your most over-used phrase?
Okay, that would have to be
A long time ago, I began to use this expression.
I actually thought I made it up!
Imagine my dismay when I found that 
someone else sneaked [snuk???] into my head,
stole my idea, and founded an entire tee shirt company
based on it!!!!!
There was nothing I could do but buy several of the shirts
and wear them proudly. 
5.  Shower, morning or night?
Since my hair stands straight off my head 
when I awaken from my beauty sleep,
and since I have difficulty getting my beauty sleep
-or maybe I should say my sleep doesn't result in beauty-
I take a shower in the morning
to tame the straight-as-a-string beasts on my head
and to pry open my puffy eyes.
Don't you just love this shower head?
So there you have it.
I know you were just dying to know all that stuff about me.

Love you and God bless your week,

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*vaso de vino= Spanish for glass of wine


kalea_kane said...

Great answers all, but I must admit that the shower picture WILL give me nightmares tonight. Or should I say today as it is after midnight?

Hope you can stop by!

Peggy said...

Stopping in to say hi from the hop!
I am now following your fantastic blog!!The shower head is amazing!!
Stopping in from Pegsplay

Helen Pigott said...

Nice to meet you, I am a new follower via Meet Me On Monday and I would love it if you would follow me too. I love your quited bedspread it is really beautiful, did you make it yourself?
I currently have a Secret Santa Giveaway so please pop along to my blog and add your name.

Helen Pigott said...

Hi Karen,
I am with Slimming World and doing really well. So pleased you are having fun with my blog, I love nosing around blogs it interesting to see what makes people tick.

Jacalyn @ said...

Hopping over from Meet Me on Monday and it sure is nice to meet you! I am now following you!



haha...Karen, that shower-head is just a little creepy, if I must say.

I'm with you on the morning showers though.

The watercolors are beautiful!

Little Hatchlings said...

You're hilarious Karen! I'm a new follower and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!

Barb said...

Hi There!
I'm your latest follower and I've enjoyed my time wandering through your blog! You make me laugh! I'll be sure to keep track of what else you write about! Drop by and say hi if you get a chance.

Empty Nester said...

Oh, so YOU'RE the one singing that song in the mornings. LOL

I'm right there with you on the glass of wine. So relaxing. Maybe I'll have one now!

Unknown said...
Hi I'm om the Meet Me on Monday Hop.
Getting a kick out of some of the pics and answers. Following so stop by and give me a follow or a like on FB or both.
Laurie from Grandma Sez So

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You post is so much fun. I have to get me some Brie, everyone is talking about it today. I know I like prosciutto! We like flannel sheets. I love red grapes too. Yes I need the shower for my hair also.
So glad you stopped over today.

Hanna said...

Hi there! I am your newest follower from the blog hop! Your blog is lovely:) You can find me at
take a peek at my giveaways when you stop by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous:) Happy Holidays!!!


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