December 1, 2010

What Will My Legacy Be?

As I shared here, there's a lot of junk in my past that I'm not proud of.

But when I walk in the grace of God's forgiveness
I'm free to dream about wonderful things:
like the fact that I will be a Grandma for the first time
around Mother's Day next year.
And I've begun to wonder
what kind of legacy will I leave for my children?
And now, my grandbaby?

The Holy Spirit reminds me that He is still at work in me,
that I am His beloved work-in-progress.
And He gives me this word of encouragement:
"Remember the faith of Timothy's mother and grandmother.
You, Karen, have that faith in Me.
Fan it to flame by spending time with Me."

I'm weak Lord!

He continues patiently,
"I did not give you a spirit of timidity, 
but a spirit of power,
of love
and of self-discipline."
[2 Timothy 1:5-7]

I want to be that kind of woman!
I want it to be said of me,
"She had faith in the Lord no matter what." 

Nichole Nordeman's lyrics brought these thoughts to mind today:

I wanna leave a legacy.
How will they remember me?
Did I choose to love? 
Did I point to You
enough to make a mark on things? 
Wanna leave an offering.
Child of mercy and grace 
who blessed Your name unapologetically
  and leave that kind of legacy.
Just wanna hear, "Good and faithful servant!"
[the video is at the end of the post]

Thank You, Jesus, that You continue to draw me to Yourself.
Give me grace to grow in my faith today.

Grace and peace to you, friends!
Love, Karen

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SONDRA PRICE said... soon as I read your post title, I thought of that song. It's beautiful!!! :)

Jocelyn said...

I LOVED this post!! Oh how many times I've let my past or rules just rob me of God's grace and freedom! I love that song - I've determined this year that my legacy would be that of love. I have been given much love - and therefore, have much love to give.

Thank you for this reminder of God's grace!! Have a blessed day =)

Jerralea said...

This is a subject I think about a lot - what will my legacy be? Thanks for reminding me of Lois and Eunice and what their legacy was ...

Mama Pike said...

This is such a great topic! Both my husband and I have been discussing this a lot.We have four grown children. Two of them are married and we have 5 grandchildren. What will be our legacy?

I hope it will be that we led the family in our ability to love one another, face adversity and stay true to our religious convictions.


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