January 30, 2011

Shadow Shots

About a year ago, PB time [pre-blog], I came across 
Hey, Harriet and her meme,
Shadow Shot Sunday.

I had no clue what a meme was.
I Googled it and looked it up in the dictionary because 
no one I knew had a blog.

Upon reading the "rules," I realized I'd have to
"post" my photos on my own blog and link up each Sunday.

That was a boat-load of lingo with which I was not familiar!
How do you start a blog?
What is posting?  
How does one post a photo on a blog?  
How does one link up?
What is a URL?  

Up to that point, my experience with blogs was limited to
Pioneer Woman [still love ya, Ree!!],
whom I found via Bakerella,
who'd commented on some recipe site I was searching.

But because of my budding interest in learning to use 
my camera, a Sony DSLR 100,
and inspired by the likes of PW and Miz Booshay
Harriet's meme really struck a chord in me.
I told her via email
-yes, I did know how to email!-
that someday, when I have a blog,
I'd very much like to participate in her weekly party.
She courteously answered back encouraging me to do that.
My first "personal" contact with a blogger!
Someone in Australia thoughtfully responded to my email.
Well, I hope to shout, folks, 
the world is shrinking!
The future is here.
My kids knew that, but Mommy was not so quick on the uptake.
Never mind, I'm "with it" now.
I have a blog.
And I'm posting my first 
Shadow Shot Sunday 
photographs for all the wide world to see.
Summer morning beyond the screen door.
I'm so glad you're there to celebrate with me.
Let's all go out and make it a good week!
Proudly linking up with
Hey, Harriet for the #141st edition of
and Darcy 


Candace said...

Such pretty photos! Makes me long for summer. I'm happy you started your blog. Blessings! Candace

Julie said...

That is so beautiful. Oh how I wish we had some flowers here. Not for a few more months but winter has been so harsh this year and it seem so long.
I am glad you are up and posting your beatuiful pictures. I love looking at them.
Take care and have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I love flowers. I also like the title of your blog.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful. I can't wait til Summer is back!

deb duty said...

A few months ago I had never heard of a meme and I didn't see any reason why I'd want a blog. That sure has changed! Glad you figured it all out too! Love the flower photos.

Whispers of Grace said...

It's a beautiful photo. It looks like it could be a painting! Keep up the blogging!

Unknown said...

Beautiful gardens!!

Ocean Soul said...

Loved your post about the whole PB thing. I can totally relate. Nice photos!


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