October 1, 2010

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

In 13 minutes, I'm going to hop into my car and speed off to work.
Nope.  Didn't happen.  Oh, the going to work happened. 
Just couldn't open a You Tube account
and learn how to get the video onto my post draft in 13 minutes!
So thanks for waiting patiently all day for this post.

It's Friend Friday and I wanted to tell you about
my best Friend, Jesus,
Who gave His life
for me
and you
so that we could experience
amidst the chaos, confusion, and pain 
that sometimes seems to define life on this earth
and look forward to eternity
in heaven
with Him.

Give yourself
listen to this old hymn
with eyes closed.
If you like Alan Jackson, you'll like this version.

Take in the truths of it.
Drink deeply of the grace offered
for free.

Love, Karen
 P.S.  I forgot to link to Jane@SweetBasilKitchen, from whom I got the idea to do Friend Friday posts.  Please visit her and try not to drool too much on your keyboard.
I like the name of the site so I decided to participate in
-you guessed it-
Show and Tell Saturdays.
I'm kinda killing 2 birds with one post, huh?
Efficiency is my Friend, too.

1 comment:

Lorie said...

It is a beautiful song! I am so glad you came to link up to Show and Tell Saturday! I hope you have a great weekend!


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