December 7, 2010

Everything is beautiful... it's own way.
*wincing painfully*

It's taking a lot of self-restraint, 
but I'm resisting the urge to post a Youtube video of
Ray Stevens' old song by that name.

E-a-s-y, Karen.
You can do it.
Oh, there!
I got past it.
That was close.

Now I'm gonna get to the real reason for this post:
Did you see me reflected in all my glory my red fleece bathrobe in the new header?
You have to scroll way to the right.

Yikes!  Installing that new header has given me a headache!
It is not beautiful.
Maybe today I'll figure out how to make it smaller 
or ditch it altogether and find a new one!
But I really wanted to use my own photo.


Don't forget that you are precious in His sight!*

Was going to sign off with that.
I'd even centered my signature beneath it.

Here's what stopped me:

REAL early this morning, over my first cup of coffee,
I was reflecting on why I started to blog.
The Lord reminded me that it had been 
His idea,
not mine.

And even earlier than that,
before I was really awake,
I kept hearing the words of the song I posted last night:

So, even though I had the most fun I've ever had blogging 
as I participated in yesterday's blog hop,
today I feel like there's someone,
-actually, me,-
 who needs to read this:

When you pass through the waters, 
I will be with you...
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned...
For I am the Lord your God...
Because you are precious in My sight 
and because I love you...
Fear not, 
for I am with you...
Isaiah 43:2-5

Turns out,
THAT was the real reason for the post.

with this in mind,
because of His grace,
go and live passionately today!

*Another reference to that Ray Stevens song, 
Everything Is Beautiful.
If you must
-and you know you must :o) -

go here to hear it.
So much for my self-restraint.


Empty Nester said...

Isaiah is one of my favorite books of the bible. I can always find peace, direction, encouragement, etc. there.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! All 4 of our girls went to college but the two older ones went 3 hours away. And we had 3 in at the same time too...that was a bunch of fun! LOL In answer to your question: Our girls do come home at Christmas, Thanksgiving (except for one this year, she's in DC and went with the current boytoy to his family's home). But, no more summers. Our college girls rent a house downtown and they really love it. So, it's just me and this man and our little dog trying to adjust to life in the slow lane.

Audra Michelle said...

I would be happy to help you with your header - I actually enjoy that sort of thing! If you want a great and FREE photo editor, try using picnik online. That's what I use for all of my graphics. Don't hesitate to ask any questions - I am more than happy to help.

Unknown said...

I do believe God calls us to blog. Not only does it witness or minister to others, it helps us. By studying, reflecting, pondering, questioning, praising, and celebrating.

bp said...

Oh what a sweet reminder!

God bless you!

Anonymous said...


That is one of my favorite scriptures. Thank you for sharing.


Nana Jul said...

Funny, I asked the LORD..while I was still asleep whether I was to continue blogging...and He said yes, that it was for me. :) Happy TT! He's lets continue encouraging and yes even laughing with each other in this incredible journey with HIM!
Have a Great day!

Rita T. said...

You are an encourager. Have a great weekend!

Gwen said...

Audra' right, go to, it's a free online tool where you can edit your photos. It's amazing.

I'm your new follower, following you via GFC from "follow us monday morning" blog hop.

Please support me by commenting in this post:

Thanks very much and happy monday! :)


Sara Hickman designs said...

Thanks for posting that passage. It helps to remember God is with us always.

New Follower: (life as a wahm) (preschool activities) (custom party planning)

Stop by, look around, follow back, comment freely - most importantly, ENJOY!

Unknown said...

Dropping of son to practice but wanted to say
Happy Happy Thankful Thursday

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi, came here from MYM.. I am your newest follower. Come and visit anytime.

clavs said...

hey there! I am following your blog, visit and follow mine 2! tnx. nice blog anyway.


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