December 31, 2010

Happy Last Day of 2010!

 Tuesday, our family woke up to this kind of weather:
At the beach near my Mom's home in California, 
people were wearing shorts and flip flops,
 playing in the sand, and walking along the boardwalk.
Others were catching tiny halibut from the pier.

Word nerd alert:
Is "halibut" the correct way to write the plural of "halibut"? 
Help me!
Help me, Rhonda!
Seriously, Rhonda and I want to know the plural of "halibut."

I love the opening line of that song:
Well, since you put me down,
there's been owls pukin' in my bed.

No, that isn't the real opening line,
just the one found in
When I read that, it made so much sense
'cuz I could never figure out what the lyrics really are.
Can you?

About 15 years ago, our family used to read Dave's column 
in the Sunday newspaper.
It was something we could laugh about together.
We had 3 hormonal teenagers, 
one menopausal Mom (me), 
and one worried-about-getting-3-kids-through-college Dad (my DH)
living in the same home and sometimes 
laughing together wasn't on the agenda.
But we sure looked forward 
to those fun moments 
on Sundays after church,
sitting on the couch together,
Thank You, Jesus,
for the grace of those times! 

Major digression there.
But what happy memories those are!

We got home to the Beautiful Pacific Northwest yesterday.
There's no place like home!

This morning we woke up to this:
Let's see...
Warm, sunny, bike-riding weather...
My Little Brother is checking out the surrey with the fringe on the top.
Couldn't resist the reference to "Oklahoma."
 Or frost covering the landscape? 
The candy tufts-blooming in winter for the first time-have cozied up to the foxgloves.
I know many would choose the warm weather,
there's no place like home.
After all,
I'm looking forward to the crocuses
coming up and blooming very soon!
What's it like in your little corner of the world?
Would you choose to live somewhere else?
Why or why not?

on this, 
our last day of 2010!


Julie said...

Good morning Karen and Happy New Year. We woke up to 10 more inches of snow and -3*. But that didn't keep the boys in, they are out snowmobiling and I'm baking cookies for them.
Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. Take care and enjoy the wonderful New Year!!! God Bless you my friend.

Shawn said...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a wonderful New years! Thanks for the nice comment..all's I can say is " we clean up well".. if you saw me today minus makeup, hair straight, jeans... you would say OH MY Goodness!!!! : D

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love your blog and the blog name is great...Have enjoyed looking around tonight....
Happy New Year

Koco & Viking said...

Happy 2011! We love Newport and just live up the coast a bit! We're your newest followers from the Friday Blog Hop! Hop on over to our little bloggy world and see what we've got goin' on. If ya like us, we'd love to have you.

your new friends,
koco & viking

p.s. We have a cool giveaway going on! If you have a current giveaway you can linky up to it!


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