January 5, 2011

Me? A Mentor?

On Sunday, a dear young woman at church asked me 
to begin a mentoring relationship with her. 

I was thrilled!
Told her I'd be honored 
and that I thought she could help me
relate to my adult kids better, too.

Seems like a win/win situation!
Wow.  Me?  A mentor?

Later I told my Dear Husband
that news,
and, you know what?
He was thrilled for me, too.
Told me I had some valuable insights to share.

But, you know what?
Condemnation is stealing my joy.
Since Sunday I've been battling thoughts like these:
"YOU?  You've made so many mistakes.
You're living with the fruit of them now.
What if you give her bad advice?
What if.....
What if...
What if..."

But, you know what?
It's not ME she's attracted to.
It's Jesus 
living in me
that she wants to know better.

Maybe she hasn't thought of it this way yet,
and neither did I until I started writing this post,
but it's actually at
His feet 
she wants to sit,
His counsel 
she wants to hear,
His grace
she needs receive,
His peace
she craves,
as she lives in 
His purposes
for her.

be gone
condemning thoughts!

Jesus is still the 
Wonderful Counselor,
the Giver of Grace,
the Prince of Peace.

And, wonder of wonders,
by His grace,
He's chosen me to minister to her!
I'm so thankful for this opportunity!

Oh, Jesus, my heart is filled to overflowing with joy and anticipation
of spending time with this young woman!
Help me to rely completely on You 
as we walk through this season together.
Help me tenderly draw out her questions
and gently, quietly listen to her
and speak only wisdom that You give me.
Help me grow into the wife and mom of adult children
that You've planned for me to be.

"There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus"
Romans 8:1
"No one will be condemned who takes refuge in Him."
Psalm 34:22

Grace, mercy, and peace be to you!
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Cintia Listenbee said...

that is going to be awesome! i talked about mentors this week on the blog too :)

Miss Janet said...

That is soooo awesome that you've made so many mistakes! Now, you can tell her how to avoid them and maybe just maybe she will!

Tell that enemy to take a hike! God can even use our mistakes... amen?

Sooo happy for you!


Amanda said...

Praying courage for you! Believe on the truth!! I would love to have a mentor...especially one who hasn't led such a sheltered life who may not be able to relate to mine. I am praying about and considering signing up for a mentor at our church. But I am just as scared on the "young" end...will she "get" me?

I pray it ministers to you as much as her, as certainly it will

Joshlin said...

I LOVE this post! You have made me think about my being a Children's Church teacher in a new way. Thank You! You are mentoring more people than you think!

Dorie said...

Absolutely wonderful to have mentoring relationships! What a blessing for you and the other lady to have this time together.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have this talent and admire those who do. I think it you speak from your heart, you really can't go wrong.

Best wishes, CJ xx

The Church Cook said...

I pray that people will see Jesus in me, too, Karen. So grateful that you are available and willing to be a mentor! How wonderful!

Unknown said...

Hi Karen,

My friend. another year of great potential. It's going to be a wonderful year in service to our King. Hugging you. Lynn

Shah Wharton said...

Hello - I'm following from the hop - From Shah, at



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