January 11, 2011

Hope In Winter

This was taken at sunset on Sunday.
I like the blue sky and clouds.
They give me
that not all is as dismal
as our winter days want us to believe.

Having lived in the Northwest for 23 years,
-via San Diego, California-
I've learned to literally look for the bright side of life
in the weather department.
Although we rightly have a reputation for lots of rain,
it isn't the rain that gets to me
as much as the gloomy grey of the skies.

How about getting up when it's still dark?
That's a hard one for me and the DH.
I deal with it by
drinking hot coffee with hazelnut creamer
and reading the comics, the food section, and the home & garden section
of the newspaper.
DH:  Irish creamer, sports section, and opinion section.
Often times we'll fix what's wrong with the world
by discussing politics.
Oh, that last part.
We don't do that until we're well into
our second cup of coffee.

And for those of you who don't know,
we're empty nesters
so we don't have to get kids ready for school.
Now don't get me wrong.
I miss our kids so much sometimes
that my chest hurts.
Like my heart is literally breaking.
And I've had 10 years to get used to them being launched.
Will that feeling ever go away?

All that being said, it is nice to have the freedom
to drink coffee and read the paper at my leisure,
Boomer used to help me
with the coffee drinking and paper reading chores

or play in my garden,
Summer 2010 
in the summer.
But winter?

Another way I get through the dark mornings
is to celebrate December 21st.
Know why?
'Cuz the days start getting longer
-by 1 minute-
and I know spring is not far off.
is the operative state of mind here folks.

It's supposed to snow a little here tonight.

Maybe a light dusting, maybe 2 inches.
Maybe there won't be any school tomorrow.

Either way it's a win-win situation for me!
Play with my camera, blog, etc. if I'm home.
[Notice I didn't include "clean my house."]
Or be with my students at school.
I'm good with it, no matter what.

What's your morning routine in the winter?
Does weather affect your outlook on life sometimes?
Are you more energetic when the sun is out,
even if it's cold?

This is the day the LORD has made.
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

Blessings on your day!

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1 comment:

Empty Nester said...

Winter is my second favorite season-autumn being first. I love days when the skies are gray and the day is dreary. I don't know why other than I find I am more in tune with my creative spirit on these days and, if not, they're perfect for reading. Then again, it could be due to the horrid heat and humidity of the summers here--we break a sweat walking to the car from the front door for goodness sakes. LOL


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