January 17, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

I mentioned yesterday that I'm looking forward to my bulbs coming up.
Crocuses are the first of my perennials
to poke their brave little noggins through the soil each January.

I began charting their journey to the surface here.
They've never disappointed me.
Talk about a reason for hope!
This weekend we had a heat wave of sorts.
It's been a blistering 60 degrees since last Thursday, 
which was all the encouragement the crocuses 
and a few other perennials needed to make their 2011 debut.
Like brave little soldiers, they are!
Or, maybe show-off divas!
This little thing.  Just wait till you see what she turns into.
I'll keep you posted.
I divided these day lilies last summer and plopped 'em in another bed.
Their sisters are just across the path.
They will make their appearance in June.  Stay tuned.
And here is my perennial hero.
Mi vida!  [My life!] 
This is the picture I posted on the mcp Project 52 Flickr group last week.
Our assignment for the week was to illustrate a song.
Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm 64?
From The Beatles' 1967 album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Yes, Yes, I will, God-willing, till you're 104!

All you wanna be photographers out there
-you know who you are-
join us for this fun project.
Here's another way I like to share my photos
and see the work of others photographers:
Link up with Darcy @ my3boybarians:
You can click here to find out how to participate.

How handsome you are, my lover!
Oh, how charming...
Place me like a seal over your heart...
for love is as strong as death...
It burns like blazing fire...
Many waters cannot quench love; 
rivers cannot wash it away.
Song of Songs 1:16; 8:6-7

Thanks for stopping by.
God bless your moments with joy and peace today!


Katiuscia said...

thank you so much for being a follower,what a nice blog you have! i'm now following you back

Katiuscia said...

i forgot to thank you for the beautiful comments you left me

Candace said...

What a lovely post! I love watching your garden grow and seeing your love. I don't think I've told you how happy I am that we've connected through blogging. You're a really sweet friend. Have a great Tuesday, Candace

ria said...

τι όμορφες φωτογραφίες!!!

Cate said...

Great shots Karen, and I often sing that song to hubby :-)

Unknown said...

Your flowers look beautiful. And so does your husband. I love that picture. I can tell he is very kind by looking at his eyes. I am so glad you have a love like that in your life. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Love this post!!


Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

What a fun post for Sweet Shot Tuesday! LOVE that song and love your wonderful attitude - what a great example you are setting for that sweet grandbaby that is coming :)

Isn't it fun to follow our plants progress! My senior mom and I had gardening fun with the Sunflower House last summer for the grandkids and discovered how interesting it was to keep taking photos of the same plants throughout the season to see the many changes. :)

Have a terrific day and thank you for such a delightful visit.

Unknown said...

okay your spring shots make me so itchy for warmer weather! really pretty!

Erika B said...

Spring flowers....oh how you make me jealous! Great shots and we are still far from seeing any spring flowers where we live.

Erika B

Unknown said...

I love watching bulbs pop up!

ria said...

Hello my dear friend!
Thank you passed by my blog ...
and for your nice words!
... I do not know English .... but I use the translator ... google! You too can do it. !
My kisses!

Cate said...

HI again,

thanks for all of your lovely comments on my blog regarding my *erm* little health issues.

And you were spot on - the test showed that I was severely low in vitamin D, and I have to take meds to remedy things.


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