April 19, 2011

Apres Monet-If you squint

Just wanted to give you a glimpse of the tapestry of colors from my kitchen sliding door.
Since it's not in focus  If you squint, you will see what Monet would have painted if he'd had a few free mornings to capture my spring tapestry with oil paints.  And a French accent.
Pretty good save for a crummy photo, huh?
Apres Monet or "In the style of Monet"
Okay, now on to the business at hand.
This morning, just before I was fully awake, I was dreaming these words, over and over:
If you can feel hope, I did.
I didn't want to wake up cuz He kept sending the words 
like gentle waves, lapping at the edges of my mind.
I think it means that He wants me to be in His Word every day.
Same message I mentioned yesterday and here.
He keeps tenderly drawing me to Himself.
I think He wants to 
"Direct me in the path of [His] commands,
for there I find delight." Ps. 119:35
He wants me to feel delight on the path He has planned for me!
I've avoided the path of regular exercise like the plague since beginning Weight Watchers in October.
I play this head game:
I'll start when 
my weight loss plateaus. [check!]
the weather gets warms up [check!]
it stops raining for 5 minutes [check!]
I feel like it [rarely]
I get a walking buddy [yup, as of last week]

Well, there is the matter of another friend God led me to when I began blogging, Julie.
What an inspiration!
She has gone after weight loss like a tigress!  
Invited us to join her in walking 400 miles this year.
Okay, Julie, I'm going to join you and Pam and Michelle in that quest
in front of God and my blogging friends.

Gotta head off to work.


Julie said...

YEAH!!!!! I love it, join me and walk your 400 miles and I promise you won't regret it. I PROMISE!!! I will add you to my side bar and all I ask is that you up date me once in awhile on your totals.
I am so proud of you Karen, this is excellent. Also thank you for the shout out.
Take care and have a blessed evening.

Just Be Real said...

Karen this is simply lovely. I squinted and I see all the beauty God has created. Thank you for sharing this post. Needed to read this morning. Blessings.


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