April 18, 2011

Being one flesh

Many years into my married life, I began to wonder what it meant to be "one flesh" in marriage. 
It sure didn't feel like we were one flesh.  I began to ask the Lord about it.  

But I often rebelled at His consistent answer to my query:
You must die to self.  
Life is a series of opportunities to die to your own needs, desires, opinions.  
Your marriage is the first place I want you to practice that.  
You must consider your husband's needs before your own.

That's not fair, Lord!  What about me?  

His answer, "I want you to rely on Me first.  
When your husband does meet your needs, it's by My grace
And when he is unable/unwilling to fulfill your needs, I will.  
All blessings in life are from My hand.  
When your needs go unmet, that, too, is my portion for you. 
But I am always with you.
Constantly I provide for you, often in ways you had no idea you needed.  
Ask Me for the grace to meet his needs.  
I will give it
-and the peace and joy that results-
if you are willing to die to yourself.

Today I read here about being one flesh.  
It was another gentle reminder to rely on my heavenly Father first and to die to my self.
By spending time in His Word, praising Him, laying my burdens on Him, listening for His voice,
He prepares my heart to willingly, joyfully meet my husband's needs.

Jesus Christ's lifestyle was one of reliance on His Father first and dying to self 
from conception to His last breath on the cross 
for my salvation.  And yours.

And so I pray:
Jesus, by Your grace, open my heart to opportunities to die to myself today, 
for my husband's sake.  
I ask this, Lord, so that we may consciously experience 
being one flesh:
unity with You first and then with each other.
With Your love and strength, 
may the cord of 3 strands that our marriage represents 
be a testimony to our descendants for Your glory.



Shawn said...

I love to visit, I always feel God's presence when I read your posts.

Just Be Real said...

Thank you Karen for sharing. Blessings.

Colleen said...

Beautiful, wise words to consider and try to put into practice. Thank you so much for sharing...I think the world could use more of this sort of thinking.


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