August 11, 2011

Teddy Bear Tea Party: Part 1-Preparations

Sonja already has a collection of Teddy Bears
 Before we ever knew we would be grandparents, preparations were underway to spiff up the place for my 
August 20, 2011
When we knew my Daughter would give birth in May, I wanted to give her a party here where she finished her growing up years with our friends from school, our church, and the community.  But her spring was full of school, a baby shower, and attending SIL's choir performances, so that didn't happen.  We decided to do it in summer so everyone here could meet our first grandbaby.

Okay, backing up to last summer.  My Dear Husband helped me reclaim what had been an eyesore next to our driveway.  He dug up a patch of clay and rocks. 

I planted alyssum and zinnias...
and a new, to me, cosmos...
and sunflowers all from seed.
I just love this one.  Not the most imaginative shot, but what a beautiful color!
Then my Sweetie cleaned the moss off the entire roof!  At least he had good weather to do it and me to bring him a cold glass of water and take pictures of him working hard.
Of course, there's the Saga of Installing 2 French Drains.  Our gutters and drains off the back of the house were being strangled by tree roots and debris.  DH hired a couple of guys to help him dig two 3'x4'x3' holes and two 12' pipe trenches.
Here's how both holes looked after filling them with 6 yards of gravel and a foot of dirt:
Next time I'll show you how we gussied this up.
Then when my Little Brother came to visit last August, we put him to work, too, fixing the window panes in the garage door.
But here's some prep work which probably isn't common to most parties: 
My county repaved the whole street just so it would look clean for my party. 
Uh, not so much.  But it was nice to see my tax dollars at work.  If you get my drift.
You're probably getting carpel tunnel just scrolling down through all this, so I'll sign off.
But you have fair warning, folks!  Yours truly is on a mission to complete preparations for the
Teddy Bear Tea Party. 
So take a deep breath and hold on tight 'cuz I'm going to share more tomorrow.

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Carmella said...

Karen...your flowers are sooo pretty!


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