November 11, 2010

My Weight Loss Journey-Day #9 of Thanksgiving

Today I'm thankful for the people and tools
the Lord
has given me to help me on
My Weight Loss Journey.

Believe me, folks,
I've spent/waisted/lost plenty of time
beating myself up for being over-weight. 

Do you recognize this conversation I keep having in my brain?
It's like an earworm.

You know, a song that you hear on the radio,
and for the rest of the day
you CAN'T get it out of your head!
One of the worst earworms I ever got
-apart from the one below-
was at Disneyland when we took the kids on the
"It's A Small World" ride.

Got off on an earworm rabbit trail. 
Rabbit trails lead NO WHERE
and that's where this earworm has gotten me:

Me:  "I need to lose weight 'cuz
I'm not proud of the way I look;
my clothes don't fit;
I've never weighed this much, not even 9 months pregnant;
my cholesterol is sky-high (335!);
I'm at risk for heart disease and diabetes;
I look and feel older than I am;
I feel achy and sluggish..."

You get the picture.
Ever have that conversation?

This fall, when it came time to renew my health insurance for my job,
I learned about a new benefit:
I could join a
Weight Watchers at Work group meeting

I know this program works for me.
I achieved Lifetime Member status 5 years ago.
I looked and felt great!

But I didn't maintain the lifestyle.
And the earworm/rabbit trail conversations began.

I'd considered joining again,
but due to our financial state
I didn't feel I could spend the money.
So over the summer, I actually had enough
self-discipline to
every time the thought came in my head.
That helped.
[Go figure!] 
Lost 5 pounds.

Well, thank You, Jesus!
You provided a way for me join with co-workers
for support, accountability, and fellowship on
My Weight Loss Journey!
Part of the benefit includes use of

I joined 2 weeks ago and have lost 1.4# !
I love my leader and my group.

Another tool the Lord has given me eyes to see is
on-line supporters such as
Jennifer at Living A Changed Life,
Julie at The Going To Be New Me,
(especially the idea for the weight-loss ticker)

Thank you, ladies, for posting your ups and downs
on your weight loss and maintenance journeys!
You inspire me to set goals and share them
with the wide world (as Forest Gump says).

Lord, I lift up all of us who are struggling with this issue.
Please turn our eyes and hearts to You, first,
for approval, strength, and guidance.
When we fail,
Lord, let us find our solace and shelter in You.
When we are successful,
Lord, let us rejoice in You,
our always-available Strength
and everlasting Lover.

God's abundant blessings on your day, friends!
Love, Karen

Today I'm inviting you to a blog hop with Java and friends over at
Never Growing Old

Personally, I plan to NEVER be old. 
Which is different than:  I never plan to be old.
How 'bout you?


Cintia Listenbee said...

congratulations on the loss and also on the healthy mind attitude!

Julie said...

I sometimes wonder why I blog about my weight loss or lack there of. I sometimes wonder if there's even a reason to lose the weight when it's just so darn hard. I sometimes wonder if the Lord is listening when I tell him I'm hungry and there's nothing worthy of eating that's good for me. I sometimes wonder if I'm good enough to even be a better me. And then people like you come along, you're the reason I blog, you're the reason I post my ups and downs. Your the reason the Lord lets me stuggle, you and others just like me working to change our life styles to make us healthier, to make us happier with our bodies, to make us love ourselves again.
Thank you for the shout out, it was so nice of you. Thank you Karen, you made my day.
Take care and have a blessed evening. And I know that you can do this, I'll be here to cheer you one, support you and help you like others have helped me and continue to help me.


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