January 7, 2011

I Get To Touch These Lives

Thought you might enjoy "meeting" some of the folks I hang with 
at 4 different public elementary schools in my area.

I call them my cookies and buddies.

When I began, 11 years ago this month,
I wanted to touch them for eternity,
for Jesus,
even though I couldn't speak His name.
I came up with this:
Tell them they are 
at the end of our once a week
20 minute sessions.

I hang posters in each of my schools' small group rooms that say:
I am wonderful.
I can do it.

I ask them to say that before leaving.
Only a handful have resisted, and then only for a week or two.
After that, they remind ME that they need to say it.

I think it warms Jesus' heart to hear His little lambs say that!

Why do I get to work with these precious people?
Short answer:
They need to learn to articulate their sounds correctly 
and use language to express themselves better.

Some of them come to me pronouncing /k/ & /g/ 
like "t" & "d."
I love it when they say my last name which begins with a "G."

Others have lisps, or difficulty distinguishing /f/ and /th/.
Then there are those for whom the book
I mean, written.

Without further ado, here are some of the reasons I get out of bed in the morning.

She made huge strides between kindergarten and 1st grade
learning to say /k/, /g/, and /r/.
And she has a fabulous wardrobe.
Wish they made red sparkly shoes in my size.
He gave me a quarter for Valentine's Day last year.
The Wodney Wat Fan Club.
I think they've grown 6 inches in 18 months.
Watched 'em lose 6-8 teeth each and then grow them back in.
Why don't I remember that with my own kids?
Worked with him from kindergarten to 6th grade.
He loved to beat me at Go Fish and board games.
Worked with her for several years at 2 different schools.
What a little lady!
And then there are the scores of devoted teachers and other assistants
who love on our students.
There has to be a special spot in heaven for them.
Yikes, this little crew keeps me hoppin'!
What a joy to hear them conquer their /r/ sound and 
learn to express themselves in grammatical sentences.
I keep data for each student in each session.
And then there's the lovely art work...
 which covers the walls and lifts our spirits.
Thank You, Jesus, for giving me this ministry.

Grace and peace to you!
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Cate said...

What a wonderful, dedicated teacher you are! I'm sure that you hold a place in each of your pupil's hearts :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog too, and I'm really looking forward to you getting involved in Project 2011! Here's to a great year!

Roz | La Bella Vita Cucina said...

Hi Karen! Thank you for stopping by my blog from Java's blog hop. I'm now following your very beautiful blog! Looks like from your side bar, that you're in the same boat of losing weight as I am. How did I lose 4 pounds so fast you asked? Well, first of all I'm twice the size of you and so it's easier at first (at least that's what my super-skinny sister says) and I've rejoined the Biggest Loser Club on-line to track what goes in my mouth and to be accountable for others in my support group there. It's nice to have 'met' you and I hope that you return often and hopefully follow back. We can give each other grace-filled inspiration! With God all things are possible! Blessings, Roz at La Bella Vita


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