April 30, 2011

Baby quilt update and other happy thoughts

These are the fabrics that will decorate my Grandbaby's nursery!
Oh, I have such a wonderful day planned!
Today I get to make my Grandbaby's crib quilt.
"Get to"  because 2 months ago I injured my shoulder in a fall 
and wasn't sure how/if I'd be able to do it.

Long story short, after multiple stops and starts, 
including buying fabric on the internet
-wrong type of fabric, had to return it-
and a spontaneous 5-hour round trip drive to see Daughter #2 on a Sunday afternoon,
Houston, we have lift-off!
 We decided on these 2 non-traditional (to me, anyway) fabrics
to make a crib skirt, long curtains with tabs at the top, and a crib quilt.
Because of my injury, I asked a girlfriend to make the skirt and curtains
and we took them up to the kids on Easter.
They look darling!
We plan to go up on Mother's Day with the quilt
-6 days before Baby is due.

In other news:
Started physical therapy for my shoulder on Wednesday
and already I feel better.  Thank you, Jesus!
Hence the want-to for making the quilt.

I've continued walking with the help of my new Weight Watchers pedometer.
Amazing how that jump-
started my weight loss and mental attitude.
Going for a walk on this beautiful spring morning as soon as I finish here.

Dear Husband and I plan to take up our ballroom dance lessons again 
when I reach my goal weight!  July 1st at the latest.

*Daughter #1 and SIL landed in Paris this morning, about 7 a.m. PDT.
They'll attend a friend's wedding in a castle in Tuscany and spend 2 weeks in France and Italy.

My daughter who-is-going-to-be-a-mother-in-2-weeks is nesting her heart out.
Spent 2 hours grocery shopping, loaded all the groceries herself yesterday.
Called me this morning to get help with a freezer meal recipe.
Told me they plan to baptize Grandbaby on May 22, go out for lunch, 
and then have a cake reception in their tiny apartment afterwards.
Ah, youth!  Phew!
Told her all she needs to do at that point is take care of her husband and baby,
we'll do the rest.

My Mom decided to fly up on May 10th.
We plan to celebrate a belated Mother's Day with her
and do the countdown to Baby's arrival together.
Thank you, Lord, that she is healthy enough to fly alone!!
I am concerned, though, about cooking diabetic meals for her
'cuz I don't understand the exchanges.
Please pray that all the info in the cookbook I have
starts to soak into my brain.
Anyone have a favorite resource for diabetic menus?

Planted my spinach and red romaine starts this week between cloud bursts.
I sprinkled some organic fertilizer around them, too.
Don't they look pretty?
Next I'll get the Rainbow Chard in.

I'm off to see the wizard take my walk, but I'll leave you with this:

Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, 
who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD.
Psalm 89:15

God bless your day, friends!

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Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by!!

I love the material for the baby quilt--hope your shoulder holds up for the completion of this. Make sure to post a picture when it is finished!!

Thanks for your encouraging comment--I needed it!!


Karen said...

I am excited for you about the new grandbaby! Glad you are feeling better and better! Thanks for your sweet comments at Lily Valley.

From the Heart said...

Oh, you are so blessed, a new baby to hold and cuddle. Mine are growing up. My grandson graduates from high school this year and has already been accepted in a college in TN. My granddaughter will be 13this month. Where did the years go? I know I lived them, but oh so quickly it seems. Today, I am another year older and closer to going home to be with Jesus, but I don't want to leave my family just yet. Enjoy that baby.

Peggy said...

Blessings Karen,

So much wonderful news!

I'm so thankful that the therapy is helping and you are feeling better!
Your material choices are great! Hope it all works out, and ready for that due date! That does make for HAPPINESS! Ballroom dancing... woohoo! Praise God for safe travel and Paris, wow!!! Beautiful Psalm choice and I'm delighted you passed along God's Promises on Facebook! You're right we all need the reminders!

Thank you so much for joining in and visiting others to make this a Super SONday and Spiritual as well.

Peace and praise,


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